Mahatma Gandhi

The Life of a Legend

The Battle for Land

Imagine this. You are discriminated by the English people that own your land. A fierce warrior of non-violence rises to the occasion on the fierce battle to take back your land.

Young Gandhi

How would it feel to have extreme Hindu parents? If you were Gandhi, that was the lifestyle he was stuck with. When he was growing up he fasted, was taught the art of non-violence, only ate veggies (vegetarianism), and had tolerance for other races and religions. When he was 18 he went to school in London to become a barrister (a lawyer).

Gandhi Sacrifices Everything

Mohatma Gandhi lead many riots as a great man, that used his mouth not his fist to win a war. After being descriminated by people in South Africa, he had a new demeanor to fight against racial discrimination. To start off he lead a land riot against the white racist people from England. After this riot, many Indians were placed in jail including Gandhi. After everyone was let out, Gandhi became the face of the Indian Independence Movement. Yet again he was thrown in jail once again for another riot. To show his affection for the Untouchables he wore a dhoti ( a light wrap worn by the lowest classes in Indians). In the years to come he lead campaigns against British rule. He also boycotted foreign goods from other countries around the world. He also lead one of the largest marches called the Salt March. They rebelled the tax for the salt and it worked! He fasted for 21 days to show respect to all the mistreated untouchables.

The Inspiration

On the tragic day in January 1948 Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by Natharam Godse. He felt that the land agreement was not up to his standards so he killed Gandhi. It was really confusing because Natharam was an extreme Jainist and shouldn't have done it. After the death of Gandhi many were inspired. They include Martin Luther King Jr and Cesar Chavez. Martin Luther King was a great man who also fought against racial discrimination in the 50's and 60's. He was later assassinated in 1968 by James Earl Ray. Then there is Cesar Chavez. In his glory days he lead marches and riots to free people of farm work. He late died in 1993 by natural causes. Mahatma was one of the most inspirational people to ever walk on the planet earth in my opinion.

The Final Chapter

Well I believe Gandhi was a great man. He went to jail for others and lead people to the free land with non-violence and hard work. His faith was and will be ever strong to the Bible and the Vedas.