Unplug It!

Unplug appliances to save electricity and your money!

Unplugging appliances can help you save electricity which can also save your electrical bill. Most people just leave there electronics on a stand-by mode and leave them plugged in, but this really actually siphons energy even when not in use causing your electric bill to rise rapidly.

How it Can Help Your Carbon Footprint

You may not know this but just unplugging your appliences can help save the earth more and your carbon footprint more than you think. When you don't unplugg your appliences your electricity drains and money gets waisted from your pockets. People call this the "Vampire Drain". This does not only raise your electric bill but also ruins the earth. Using more electricity burns more fossil fuels which causes more polution to our earth.

The less electricity equals less fossil fuels which equals less pollution. Its an easy way to save the earth you love and live on and your electric bill.

List of Things You Can Unplug

Some things that you can unplug would be...

  • Stereo
  • game systems
  • DVD players
  • satellite and cable tv boxes
  • micorwave ovens
  • computer
  • phone chargers
  • televisions and more

A great solution to help you unplug your appliences is to get a power strip, that way if you dont have time to go run around and unplug all your electronics you can just flip the switch to off and go on with your life.