Local News Update


Klu Klux Klan UPDATE

It is estimated that the southern resistance group, the Klu Klux Klan has reached a total of over 4 million members. the numbers are rising along with the emergence of hateful rallies and protests in the southern and western community. regarding blacks, catholics and jews and immigrants. this group is controlling more of our nation as we speak, and is becoming more publicly open. With this group currently reaching its peak, who knows how far they will go to achieve supremacy.


Immigration Laws

As we know, nativism favors those born in the U.S. over immigrants, which has lead to the "Red Scare", around town, everyone has been worried about communism, socialist and anarchists ever since the Great War. There has been the "Emergency Quota Act", (law that limits the amount of immigrants coming to the U.S.). The government has now passed a new act called the "National Origins Act" that discriminates against immigrants from southern and eastern Europe and most specifically Asians from entering the U.S. The immigration rate is now going down due to this act.