Old Yeller Book Review

Author: Fred Gibson

What Happen

In old yeller there is a boy named Travis and with a brother named Arliss. His dad left Travis and his mother when he went to kansas to earn money. Travis took care of his mom and Arliss by hunting for food and farming. One day he came back from a hunt and had shot a doe and skinned to hang and a old and ugly dog also known as old yeller was eating the deer meat. They end up keeping old yeller after Arliss throws a fit to keep him,but Travis wanted to get rid of the dog after what it had done. After a while old yeller and Travis start to get along and old yeller starts to help Travis and they end up being companions. Arliss the younger brother of Travis try's to trap a black bear by feeding it cornbread and the moma bear comes and is very angry then old yeller comes around and scares off the mom. Also one day old yeller and Travis go out to trap wild boars for meat and during the hunt travis is up and a tree and falls in a pack of boars that trample him in till old yeller comes and scares them off into the traps for food Travis is able to escape with a badly injured leg

Did I enjoy reading this book...

Yes I did like old yellow because i like the characters and the back round of the characters. The story line is great because its about the early times where they didn't have electricity and they where all ranchers and farmers.

Yes and No

Yes I would tell people to read this book and No don't read this book. Mostly I would tell people no because it's an old story so many people have read the book and yes because it is a great story line and the kid is always adventuring and always doing something amazing.