Mill Creek

March Madness in Poetry

Poem 1

And Finally


With the score tied,

Seconds counting down,

Getting ready for the shot.

That one shot would decide if they won or lost.

He is thinking if I miss this,

No. I can’t I won’t miss this.

And finally, finally,

Slowly but surely,

He bends his knees with a creek,

Then his wobbly elbows.

The ball is slipping from his hands like butter.

He gets a tight grip on the ball.

And finally, finally,

He brings the ball close for the shot,

Aims it at the basket,

Sweat crawling down his back.

And finally, finally,

Ignoring the roaring crowd,

He shoots.

The crowd grew so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

The ball seemed to take forever to reach the basket.

And finally, finally,

The ball went straight through the basket with a swoosh just as

The buzzer sounded like the sound of a cannon on a cold still night.

The crowd went insane.

His teammates ran onto the court screaming, yelling,

Just trying to hug him.

While his team was going crazy,

He thought to himself,

And finally, finally we won!


Poem #2

My Party


The day I had my birthday

I was really quite confused

Even though, I must say

I really was amused.

Elephants were dancing

In their underpants

But the anteater was eating

All the marching ants.

The cat was playing spoons

The dog had taken drums

And the itsy bitsy spider

Was climbing up my thumbs.

Penguins were drinking cocoa

Even though it wasn’t cold.

My fish was fixing grandpa’s dentures

With tiny denture mold.

It was a freaky day

But I really must confess

That I wish the animals

Had cleaned up their mess.

Poem #3

Wrath of the Dragons


Dragons, bright like a burning sun,

Any color you choose.

Dragons roar like the rushing blue waves.

Roar, swish, hiss, ROAR,

Unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Some dragons made of ice,

Other made of flame.

Some dragons were here

Long before humans came.

If you think they are not here,

You are gravely wrong.

You have something you should fear;

The wrath of the dragons comes every year.

The wrath of the dragons is a thing

You do not want to see.

Like a raging volcano,

The wrath of the dragons can be.

Sleeping, quiet, unnoticed,

Then alive with fire.

Unexpected, beautiful, dangerous,

A torrent of fire, most dire.

Heed my warning well,

Or the dragons will come for you.

Heed my warning well,

And make yourself anew.

Believe in dragons :-)