Why do people hate it when it is not that bad?

Why do I believe Fracking is a good thing?

I have read all sides of the arguments. I read the arguments for fracking, against fracking and from the government and I found that the good outweighs the bad arguments.I believe Fracking is good for our nation for a number of reasons. First, the US needs to leave its dependency on foreign energy and natural gas is a great way to do that. Second, The EPA, a government agency, analyzed Fracking and found that it is not as bad as everyone says it is. Third, Fracking is a lot safer then environmentalist say it is and companies are always trying to make it safer. Fourth, its clean energy their producing, unlike gasoline and other stuff, natural gas is safe and very clean energy. And finally, Companies clean up after they're done to try to bring back the landscape as it was before they started. That is why Fracking could be our great future.

Why depend on the Middle East when we have all the energy we need?

As this map shows, just in Pennsylvania alone we have so much natural gas that can provide us with energy for many, many years. Why then, do we try to stop it and instead we buy from enemies who want us dead or companies that charge a crazy premium on energy for us?

The Environmental Protection Agency

The first sentence from the Environmental Protection Agency states that "Natural Gas plays a key role in our nation's future." That is a government agency and they say it is good as long as it is extracted carefully. But companies are always improving but if they get taxed to bankruptcy, they will not have money to improve!

The Process of Fracking

What happens after the Drilling?


Companies today try to restore the land the best they can so they leave as small of a footprint on the environment after they are done drilling. So even after we get everything the land, more or less, goes back to normal.