All About Media

By: Meghana V.

What Do We Do?

In media, so far, we have learned how to edit photos, film, editing videos, writing scripts, and interviewing. Ms. Ansley teaches us in a way that helps us understand what we are learning, so editing and filming comes easy. I appreciate Ms. Ansley for teaching us these useful skills. After every project, our peers graded them and gave us feedback to make the project better. This helped the person getting feedback, too, because they could get some ideas when doing their port.

Photoshop Journal

In the Photoshop Journal, we learned how to photoshop pictures. We used pictures, then we photoshopped them. We created journals of every photo we edited. In this project, we had to work alone.


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In this video, I used the skills I learned from the Photoshop Journal. I chose to do my video about tennis because it is my favorite thing to do, and I also wanted to apply the things I learned from the Photoshop Journal to see how I am. used a video I found and added a few pictures to it. I went even further and made the pictures move across the screen. In this project, I had to work alone.


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In the How To Video, my partner and I, Smrithi V., create a video on how to blend using pencil. I wanted to make this video, because I wanted to learn how to make an instructional video interesting. While making this video. We had to first film. Then, we had to edit all of the clips to make the video flow. Later, we recorded the video again so that there were no background noises.


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In the Stop Motion Video, I worked with Donovan B. I wanted to make this video, because stop motion seemed very interesting. We created a video about a car chase. We moved a car about an inch and took a picture every time. It took some time to film, but it also took time to edit. We had to move the clips around to make it look like a car chase.


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In the biography, I had to come up with 15 questions to ask my parter, Camden S. Afterwards, I interviewed him. I had to gather all of my information and pictures before I actually started editing my video. I had to create a slogan and logo, find 10 pictures, write a two page essay for as my script, find background music, and record a speech. It took a lot of editing to make the video interesting and exactly the way I wanted it.

Movie Trailer

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In this video, we had to choose a theme for this video, and we chose Spy. I worked with Jessie S. After we chose the theme, we made a storyboard and script. We filmed a few clips and then edited them in the iMovie.

Bronco Beat News

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There were many people working on the Bronco Beat News, but each had to do a different segment. My group made the segment about Interviewing Eighth Grade About High School. We fist split up into groups of three and went of to interview multiple people. Once we gathered all of our interviews on one iPad we started editing. The editing took the longest part, because only one person could work on it at a time. Smrithi V and I spent most of the time editing, and it turned out very well.