Mental Illnesses

By : Jasmine Johnson


Having a mental illness is just as important as having any other type of disease

"Girl Scouts Engage in the Fight Against Mental Illness Stigma with Mental Health Awareness Patch"

Source - Mental Health Weekly Digest

Position - Girl Scouts are working towards educating others and reducing the stigma of mental illness. They talk to their mothers and can even inform others about the projects they have been working on. "My Girl Scouts have spent the whole year working on this patch! It was such a huge success that I wanted to take it one level higher. For our service project, we will create a library for special needs children."

Analysis - "While mental illness is more prevalent then diabetes or cancer, unlike those diseases, mental illness carries a stigma that causes additional suffering and often is a barrier to treatment and support." This supports my thesis because people don't realize how important a mental illness can be because it's not recognized as much. If more people talked about it then things like building a library for special needs children can happen.

IU : 'Backbone' of Mental Illness Stigma Common in 16 Countries Studied

Source - Mental Health Weekly Digest

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A History of Treatmet for Mental Illness

Source - The Washington Post

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"Girl Scouts Engage..."

I think someone may disagree with me by saying that if a person with a mental illness is 'not able

"IU : 'Backbone' Mental Illness..."

"A History of Treatment..."