Tech Ninja Blast

Week of May 9, 2016

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This Week's "JOT": Creating a Table of Contents - TOC - in Google Docs

As we continue shifting our classroom writing assignments and word processing tasks from Microsoft Word over to Google Docs it helps to know how to create standard document features such as a Table of Contents in G. Docs. Unlike an MS Word document, Google Docs makes it easy to generate a dynamic, hyperlinked TOC making it much easier to navigate to different places within the document from the TOC. To learn how to create a TOC in Google Docs, check out this quick video from the "Google Gooru".

To view this video at school, login to the barracuda web filter.

Create A Table Of Contents In Google Docs


Q: Is there any easier way to find my assessments? They seem to disappear from my list (under my assessments).

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A: Assuming you don't have the exact name of the assessment at your fingertips, the best way to find an assessment under the "list assessments" tab is to fist clear the filters by clicking on "clear".

Once cleared, you can click the blue "Search" button and all of you assessments, new and old, will populate your list. You can narrow down your search by setting (clicking on) specific filters - grade level(s), subject, etc. and "Search" again. If that does't do the trick, use a key term in the name of the assessment (if you know one) and click "Search" again. Doing this should narrow your list considerably and you should be able to find the assessment your're after.

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Where's Binder This Week?

  • Mon, May 9: SBAC Testing Support (FG, RD), BrighBytes Workshop (MCOE)
  • Tues, May 10: SBAC Testing Support/Ed-Tech Support (FG, RD), Ed Tech Plan Dev/Revision (DO)
  • Wed, May 11: SBAC Testing Support (FG, RD), Ed-Tech Support (MS), Ed Tech Plan Dev/Revision (DO)
  • Thurs, May 12: Illuminate Custom Reporting Training (DO), SBAC Testing Support (FG, RD), Ed-Tech Support (CHS)
  • Fri, May 13: SBAC Testing Support/Ed-Tech Support (FG, RD), Ed Tech Plan Dev/Revision (DO)