Treatment for MRSA

By: Tyler Butler

One of the treatments for MRSA

One of the treatment for MRSA is that you take antibiotic therapy but antibiotic therapy is complicated by MRSA's antibiotic resistance. If a patient has been diagnosed with a MRSA infection, as with all antibiotic therapies, it is important for them to take all antibiotics as directed; do not stop the antibiotic even if the symptoms seem to resolve before the prescribed dose is finished and early stoppage of antibiotics can allow MRSA to survive and develop further antibiotic resistance.

picture of what MRSA looks like

Another treatment for MRSA

Drainage of pus is the main surgical treatment of MRSA infections.Other areas that can harbor MRSA and may need surgical interventions are joint infections, postoperative abscesses, and infection of the bone. But every time someone gets MRSA you don't have to use antibiotic therapy but you can surgery or take antibiotic therapy.
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Another treatment for MRSA

If you have a severe infection, or MRSA in the bloodstream, you will need intravenous antibiotics. Unfortunately, there is emerging antibiotic resistance being seen with some of these medications. You have to use certain types of antibiotic because the MRSA infection is resistant to some antibiotics.

A treatment for MRSA when theres no doctor around

If you have honey all you have to do is put some honey the spot were you have MRSA and it will probably take three weeks and honey has done nothing that antibiotic has done ever. But you have to put honey on your ulcer every day for three weeks.

Treating MRSA without a doctor

you can drain the wound and then warm soak it 2 to 3 times a day and then by like three weeks the MRSA infection should be dead. and then there is a soap you can buy at the local walmart called chlorahexadine it kills MRSA on the skin, but remember....If you use it all the time it will become resistant to it as well and just don't do it every day.

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