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When you visit you can buy a house of your choice for free. Thanks and there are many fun places for the kiddos they will love our prizes for the games to win and it goes on all day and all night and when the kiddos have to leave they will get a free coupon for there next return and our food is amazing it has an all you can eat buffet of everything especially pizza!!!!!!!

Planet hairy

Come and visit us and if you don't we will be sad so if you send us your address you will get a free ice cream burger combo and you get a free ice cream burger sample (: and they are really good. If you like ham burgers and you like ice cream it tastes amazing and they aren't put together, they are put aside. Your kiddos can get 1 penny and it will get you 1 scoop and you can get $0.99 worth for 5 scoops or $1.99 for 10 scoops or our special value a life time supply of ice cream for only your address and $0.99 the time to get here is only 1 hour and we supply all you can eat buffet and everything AWESOME. So come and visit and you will be glad that you came! (: