Ana Maria Vazquez

A awesome funny grandmother

Ana Maria Vazquez

Ana Maria Vazquez was born on February 16 1962. We would always go to the beach or go do fireworks in summer. When we go to her house she almost always has food prepared for us. It's cool because she is my dads mom and they both have a good time. When we lite up the fireworks we are on top of our roof to get a better view of the firework going up.


The lesson she learned is practice everyday to get better at it instead of saying "I give up"

One day my grandmother went to the park and played soccer. When she wanted to kick the ball she did not kick it very far. My uncle came and saw my grandmother getting mad cause of that. Then the next day they both went to the park to practice shooting the ball in the goal. My uncle said "See practice makes perfect."

Marcos Mendez

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