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What are the advantages of wind energy?

I strongly believe that wind energy, which is a renewable form of energy, is an efficient, healthy and environmental-friendly way of creating electricity. Here below, are some reasons stated as to why I believe that we certainly should use wind energy.

  • Wind energy is an eco-friendly and renewable source of energy. Electricity that is generated by the wind does not produce any waste and the whole process is carbon free. Therefore I believe that wind energy does not cause any damage or remaining excess that is bad for our environment.

  • Wind energy is a plentiful and forever lasting type of energy and it is non depletable meaning that how much wind energy we use today doesn’t affect how much we have tomorrow so basically, wind energy is an effective energy source that is great for the future.

  • Wind energy is something that isn’t a difficult procedure because the main element needed to make electricity from wind energy, is obviously wind! So, this means that using wind energy isn’t hard because it is locally available everywhere!

  • Likewise, wind energy does not require any water in the process. Unlike other renewable forms of energy, wind energy is the many of the few forms of energy that doesn’t use up any water.

Consequently, I will conclude by saying that I strongly believe, we certainly should use wind energy because it makes no harm to the future, it is fast, efficient and effective but most of all it is environmental friendly!


How does wind energy actually work?

Today's largest wind turbines can supply enough electricity to power 5000 households and have an average life span of around 20 years. A wind turbine converts the wind's kinetic energy to electrical energy. But the main question is how it works.

There are four main parts to a wind turbine: the base, tower, nacelle, and blades. The blades capture the wind's energy while the nacelle does the job of controlling a generator and gearbox. The tower contains the electrical pipes, tubes and wires and the final component is the base, made of concrete and steel, which supports the whole structure. .

Below are some diagrams to show you how wind turbines work and their different parts and components.

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Extension: Wind Energy Power Stations in Australia

Below is a map of the main Wind Energy Power Stations in Australia. They are:

* ZBB Energy Pty Ltd:

240 Barrington Street
Bibra Lake
Western Australia 6163
PO Box 2047
Kardinya WA 6163

Tel: +61 (8) 9494-2055

* Solar Power Stations and Wind Power Station

179A Star St

Carlisle WA 610

Solar Power Stations & Wind Power

Station Installation Perth

Tel: (08) 9470 5300

* AGL Oaklands Hill Wind Farm

Proudly Australian since 1837.

Glenthompson-Caramut Rd

Glenthompson VIC 3293


Telephone No: 1800 039 600

* Solar Centre Desert Knowledge Australia

Solar Centre Desert Knowledge Australia

475 Stuart Hwy

Connellan NT 0870

Solar Centre Desert Knowledge Australia

475 Stuart HwyConnellan NT 0870

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Telephone No: (08) 8959 6000

* Power Technics PTY Ltd

Power Technics PTY Ltd.

LOT 37 Stewart St

West Beach WA 6450

Power Technics PTY Ltd.

LOT 37 Stewart St West Beach WA 6450


Telephone No: 0417 961 324

* Sun Real Renewable Energy Systems

Sun Real Renewable Energy Systems

21 Carrier St

Benalla VIC 3672


Telephone No: (03) 5762 4848

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Extension: Wind Energy Power Stations in the World.

Below I have attached a website that I believe is really helpful and informative. This website will give you lots of information and tells you about all the Wind Energy Power Stations in the world and all their details. Have fun reading...