Getting in to eBooks at Bluestone

info to help you get started

Follow these steps

  1. You need a user name and password from the library.
  2. Go to the Bluestone Library Homepage.
  3. Click on the eBooks live binder link.
  4. Wheelers eBook link is the first web page to be displayed.

Wheelers eBook Website

  1. Read the Getting Started information. It tells you about the software programmes you need to download on to your device so you can read eBooks.
  2. Once you have set up your device you need to login to access our eBook collection.
  3. Sign In and enter your User Name and Password

How to Download a book

  1. Browse the collection to choose a book you want to download and read
  2. Click on the Borrow Now button and follow the directions.
  3. You can have an eBook for two weeks
  4. Books will auto return after 14 days or you can manually return them.