Explore the Explorer who Explored!

Yep, you guessed it, you will be learning about explorers!

Who should I choose????

Who were they, what did they do, why did they do it, where did they do it, when did they do it?

You will pick one of the following explorers and locate all the answers to the above questions!!!

Hernando de Soto

Henry Hudson

Francisco Pizarro

Ferdinand Magellan

John Cabot

Vasco de Balboa

Francisco Coronado

Hernando Cortes

Vasco da Gama

Jacques Cartier

Samuel de Champlain

Christopher Columbus

Marco Polo

Explorer research report

You will be provided with a packet that contains all the components of what you need to research for this project.

Joan Sanchez Guardiola

The Indiana Jones Theme by Joan Sanchez Guardiola

The end is near!

Please make sure you share your final Google doc with me AND your parents.

You will use www.smore.com to create a final presentation of the information you found. You can organize, add and choose any way you would like to present this.