Texas is born

Texas is born

Texas was found centuries ago. It's first people were Native Americans. Most of these indians moved place to place. Some also live in villages. They had to hunt and pick wild berries. They also planted different vegetables. They also planted peanuts and beans. Then in 1519, the Spanish discovered and explored the gulf coast lead by spaniard Alfonso Alvarez de Pineda. A couple years later more spaniards came. Meanwhile the Native Americans were welcoming to them. In 1682 the Spanish built a mission at Corpus Christi dela Isleta. The Spanish built more missions in Texas. At this time Texas was apart of Mexico. Then Mexico began letting U.S. settelers move into Texas. Thousands of U.S. settelers began to arrive. Most came from southern states. Some of these men brought African American slaves with them. Mexicans started to get angry. But the next day was even worse.


The next day was a terrible day. A war broke out between the Mexicans and the U.S. settlers. It started when Mexico wanted to ban slavery but settlers did not. They also didn't like Mexico telling them what to do. Then in April 1836 General Sam Houston and his soldiers attacked the Mexican army by the San Jacantio river. The Texans won the battle and the war. " It's great that we won the war and the battle of the Texas Revolution." Sam Houston once said. Texas also became it's own nation. Then in 1845 Texas became apart of the United States. During the Civil War Texas was apart of the Confederate states of America. After a terrible and bloddy battle the Union won the war. Southern states including Texas had to come back to the United States.Slavery was no longer anywhere in the United States anymore.