Laura Wheeler Waring

The Harlem Renaissance

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Basic Facts

Laura Wheeler Waring was born May 27,1887 in Hartford, CT and died February 3, 1948 in Philadelphia, PA. She is a widely known painter and activist for civil rights. Some of her most well known painting were Jacob's Ladder, The Coming of the Lord, Heaven, Mother & Daughter, and Sunday Best.

Her Importance

Major Contributions

During the Harlem Renaissance, during 1926 Laura served as an official in charge of the Negro Art Section in the Sesquicentennial Exposition in Philadelphia. She was important during the Harlem Renaissance because she preserved her paintings as the personalities of many distinguished African Americans who have done much to accelerate the liberation in the US.

African American Visual Arts


Laura has affected her community, world, and discipline, by creating illustrations for the NAACP People's magazine, "The Crisis", and for the children's "Brownies" book, throughout the 1920's. The world would be different without her because without her art, many pictures of the black experience and the life of African Americans would have not been published. I am affected by her because without Laura Wheeler Waring me & any other black artist who would like to do art and affect the world can be motivated by her experiences and her artwork.

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