Giant panda

Chinese heritage

Giant panda - a Chinese heritage. Also, this animal is from 1961 Wildlife Fund logo, a symbol of peace.
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Giant pandas are endangered. They are found only in the mountain forests of several western provinces of China (Sichuan, Gansu).


Giant pandas are medium to large in size, they are like other species of bears have a large head, a short tail and a long snout with a large nose, which gives them a great sense of smell. Thick fur creamy white with large black spots on the legs, as well as small patches around the eyes.

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Interesting facts

Panda cubs are so small that at birth, they weigh about the same as the average in the mouse and 100 g of about 0.001% by weight of the mother.

Giant pandas communicate with each other via a series of calls, with 11 different sounds Giant Panda being identified.

Reasons for downsizings

The main reason for the extinction of giant pandas - the degradation of their habitat and reduce the significant obitaniya.Iz cutting bamboo forest habitat of giant pandas is constantly shrinking.

The fur and stuffed pandas are very much expensive, so poachers hunted them. This factor also affected their populations. However, as a result of increasing education and making the giant panda as endangered, poaching intensity decreased significantly.