Stop bullying!

By Cameron Lee

Stop Bullying Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop bullying, now! Now I will tell you why, because there is a lot of people thinking. Oh I think bullying is just another part of living through life. Errrrr, wrong bullying is not a part of life. It is discrimination whether it is from doing certain things, having certain things or even thinking about certain things. That is just a bunch of bull crap! Why do you care if so and so has this or that. How about instead of discriminated someone, why not just compliment them. If things get out of hand it is hard to ever go back. So just be friendly to everyone so that everyone can have a great time. Nobody wants to be bullied. Usually the bully has had some sort of bullying before, so just try to be nice to them. Most of the time it doesn't work on the first try. But after the first or second time they start to get used to it and stop bullying. That is why everyone needs a friend.
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Have a great time by just saying 'Hi'.


There is no going back from suicide.