Jasmine Humble

An autobiography about me!

All about me.

Hello, I am Jasmine. As you can tell from the title hehe. Well this flyer is about me!

What I look like.

I have brown hair and brown eyes.

I'm 62' tall.

What I like.

My favorite band is One Direction!

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i also like chocolate, pizza, and ice cream.

What I Hate

I hate the smell AND taste of bacon. So therefore i hate bacon. I Also hate tacos.

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What I do when i get home.

whenever i get home i usually just lay down on my couch and watch T.V. or play my Xbox, but before I sit down I get something to eat. It is usually cereal.

Goodbye :D

Well that is all I'm tell you about myself. Its was nice to let you know how my daily school life is :D

and my life.