The places you don't want to live

By Ainsley, Emily, Ethan, and Tyler


Some of the most beautiful places in the world, some of the most populated places in the world, are sometimes sometimes the most dangerous places in the world. Some of these places have dangerous earthquakes that threaten lives and ruin artifacts. They could also have dangerous, explosive, and active volcanoes that danger lives and ruin streets and buildings. While many places are beautiful and you may think that they are perfect. Many are far from perfect and offer more dangers than you need to know about.

Alaska: Beautiful but Dangerous By: Tyler J.

The Beautiful

Alaska has always been a beautiful place, but it has always been dangerous too. The fact is, that Alaska has a lot of good things under its belt. It also has the largest magnitude U.S earthquake in history. Plus, other earthquakes daily. All in all, the best way to describe Alaska is beautiful but Dangerous. In Alaska, the reasons to live (even though there are terrible earthquakes) are endless. First of all, the people are so nice. Plus, doesn’t have a lot of big cities . Then, there is so much wildlife, and there are so many outdoor activities like skiing, mountain climbing, and hunting. Also, there is so many beautiful places that need observing. The only reason that anybody wouldn’t want to live there is because of the heavily active tectonic plates.

Under The Crust

Alaska is the most tectonicly active region in the United States. It experience more than half of all earthquakes recorded in North America each year. This is due to the state’s unique location on the northern rim of the Pacific Basin. At the northwest corner of the North America, Alaska is situated at the receiving end of the Pacific Plate as it slides laterally past southeast Alaska and collides directly with the North American Plate across south central Alaska and along the length of Aleutian Island Chain. The accumulation of tectonic stresses at depth along the plate boundaries and the translation of those stresses into the shallower crust of southern Alaska are the driving forces behind the high level of earthquake activity that occurs in the state.

The Dangerous

Alaska may have a million reason to live, however there is one great reason not to. Yes Alaska can have the greatest northern lights and twenty-four hour days during the summer, but it also can host earthquakes so dangerous that people get killed in California because of the tsunami after words. See, Alaska gets earthquakes daily and one of them has reached a 9.2 richter scale rating. Plus, there is at least two earthquakes a day that reach a 2.5 or more on the richter scale. Nonetheless Alaska contains over 130 volcanoes and volcanic fields which have been active within the last two million years. The volcanoes in Alaska make up well over three-quarters of U.S. volcanoes that have erupted in the last two hundred years. The 1912 eruption of Novarupta and Katmai, which formed the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes on the Alaska Peninsula, was the largest 20th-century eruption on earth, and the largest historical eruption in Alaska.This means that Alaska is just as dangerous as it is beautiful.

Mexico City by Ethan L.

Mexico City -- A Great Place to Live

Mexico City is a great place to live. There are many job opportunities in cities and in the country. People like the food because the food is spicy. The museums have paintings and other art work. A person can live in a house by the ocean or in an apartment in the city. There is always something to do if you like to go out. Mexico City has amazing murals. There are good hospitals and good roads. The computer will work fine. The beach is not far away.


Cocos plate is in North America in Mexico. Cocos it is the second biggest volcano on the world. Almost all of Mexico sits in the southwest corner of the North American plate and the Caribbean Plate. Off the coast of Mexico City is a subduction zone. This causes the frequency of earthquakes. The convergent plates cause earthquakes and volcanoes because it is two plates crashing against one another. The Popocatepetl volcano is only 34 miles from Mexico City. It shows signs of activity.

Danger Zone

In 1985 an earthquake went off. The earthquake the magnitude was a 8.1 It killed more than 10,000 people, left another 50,000 others injured, and 100,000 homeless. Thirty-six hours later another earthquake hit. It was 7.5-magnitude on the Richter scale. There are 43 volcanoes in and around Mexico City. There are eight million people in Mexico City. In 2006 there was a reversal of tectonic plate motion from Acapulco and Mexico City. This caused seismic strain. The Popocatepetl volcano showed monthly activity through 2015. This volcano is 43 miles from Mexico City.

Sumatra both a beauty and a beast Emily T.


Sumatra offers a fresh new look at all that is green and growing. An island known for its beautiful clear ocean, it's wonderful forest, and its extravagant mountains. Also gets recognized for its rugged tropical terrain, wildlife and smoldering volcanoes. Sumatra really is the place to go for a coastal vacation. Sumatra offers many beautiful plants and housing structures that could become an everyday sight. Sumatra is a western island in the Indonesian chain of islands and is part of the spice trade.


Sumatra is not just beauty it also has its dangers. It was were 2 of the largest earthquake recorded has occurred. Also Sumatera has an active volcano right on it that often erupts covering the island in ash. Sumatra is located on the Indian/ Australian plate. Depending on location on the island, depends on what type of boundary is near. There are 2 types just on the island, there's a transform boundary and a divergent boundary. The divergent boundary is along the northern edge of the island pulling the plates apart. The transform boundary is along the western area of the island, the plates are rubbing back and forth there creating small islands around the large island. This rubbing and pulling action creates the signature volcano for the island. The dangerous volcano is from many decades ago when the plates were sliding. The motion of the plates are what cause these earthquakes to vibrate violently. It slides them along and when they slide the whole island slides.

Where the beast meets the beauty

Sumatra’s beast is shocking because of the earthquakes that occur at least 3 times a week with a Richter scale of 2 or more. The highest earthquake on this island has been recorded was a 9.4 and proven the second most dangerous earthquake yet. It affected the island and smaller islands around it with this massive shake. While the whole island has an elevation of 24 meters there is one very large volcano in the middle of the island. This volcano goes off every 2 years causing ash to cover the island. While most of the island is safe there has been a total of 50,000 missing people reports caused by these violent earthquakes and volcanos. Considering that its 50,000 out of 50.37 million people living on this island there is a concern for safety. Studies have proven that this island has two of the five worst earthquakes ever recorded. The island is also prone to having landslides and mud slides due to these earthquakes constantly shifting the rocks.

Japan’s wonders and dangers: Ainsley C

Wonderful Japan:

Some people might choose to live in Japan because it has the latest advances in technology, and is known for it’s pop culture and neon cities. Others might choose to live in Japan because of the buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Japan is cheap, so people can live clean and safe in Japan without paying huge amounts of money for rent, like it usually is in big cities. People don’t need a car in Japan either because of all the trains. Japan also offers scenery with gardens of cherry blossoms and scenic mountains.

Tectonic Japan:

Japan has a convergent boundary. Japanese Islands lay on a subduction zone where the Philippine Sea Plate and Pacific Plate are subducting. A subduction zone is an area with high rates of earthquake and volcanic activity. The tectonic plates move against faults and they squeeze against each other. When the pressure becomes strong enough, the crust breaks and an earthquake is made. The crustal movement also results in mountains being formed.

Dangerous Japan:

Around 72% of Japan is a mountainous region, which can create larger risk for landslides. Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain, has an elevation of 12,388 ft. Mount Fuji also has the highest VEI rating in Japan with a VEI-5. The largest Richter scale rating in Japan occurred in 2011 with a magnitude of 9.0. That same earthquake took the lives of 19,000 people out of Japan’s population of around 127.3 million people. Japan has around 1000 earthquakes per year, which is equivalent to two or three everyday.


All of these places have their beauty in there own way. All of them have something in common though, the earthquakes that harm people. While many people may not know about the dangers around the world, you need to know about these top few areas. They are some of the most dangerous places with the most dangerous earthquake and/or volcanic activity that everyone should know of.

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