sandwich meal

margarita nolasco


  • spoon
  • bread
  • lettuce
  • tomatoe
  • turkey breast
  • toothpick
  • olive
  • avocado
  • mayonnies
  • plate
  • knife
  • bread toaster
  • board cutter


  1. first you have to lay out all your materials in the area were you will work
  2. connect the bread toaster
  3. get out the cutting board and cut the tomatoe,lettuce,and avocado
  4. put the bread in the toaster
  5. grab your plate and place it in front of you
  6. get the two pieces of bread and place them on your plate
  7. grab a spoon and then put mayonnies on bolth pieces of bread
  8. put two pieces of turkey breast one of the pieces of bread
  9. grab a piece of lettuce and put it on that same one piece of bread
  10. do the same with the tomatoe,lettuce and avocado
  11. when you do all of the above close your sandwich
  12. place it neatly on your plate
  13. cut the sandwich into two pieces
  14. put a toothpick on top of it
  15. lastly place an olive on the toothpick
  16. enjoy!!!!!!


the "Sandwhich Meal" is something that is very fast,easy,and delecious that you can make.Either for when you are in a big hurry in the mornings, or you are just lazy and want something easy that you could do in a short amount of time and that it also tastes very good.My "Sandwich Meal" would be something that i would not change anything about because this is how i usally make my sandwich and it has a good taste.Hopefully you will enjoy your "Sandwich Meal" as much as I did, and it does not only have to be the way in which I showed above with those specific instructions you are able to add as many materials that you would like on your "Sandwich Meal".To be honest my experience with this was very good i found it very easy and i enjoyed it.