Roald Dahl

By:Becka Baker

Roald's Early Life

Roald Dahl was born in Llandaff, Wales on September 13, 1916. Two years later he moved with his family to Radyr where his little sister, Else, was born. His dad and older sister, Harald and Astri Dahl, died when he was just four years old. In 1920 his sister, Asta, was born. A year later they moved back to Llandaff. Roald started his school at Llandaff Cathedral School in 1923 and went to school at St.Peters in 1925.

Roald's Later Life

When Roald was 18 he started working for Shell Oil. Five years later, following the outbreak of World War Two, he joined the Royal Air Force. In 1940 he was posted to Libya where he was involved in a plane crash. Unable to fly again he turned his efforts into his writing. Two years later he completed his first piece of paid writing. At age 37 he married his wife, Patricia Neal, in New York. In 1954 they bought their first house, Little Whitefield Cottage. The next year his first daughter, Olivia, was born. In 1957 his 2nd daughter, Tessa, was born. Then in 1960 his son, Theo, was born. In 1977 his first grandchild was born. Roald Dahl died on Novenber 23, 1990 when he was 74 years old.
Rare Roald Dahl interview from 1990 - How he became a writer

Some Great Children's Books

The Twits

The Twits is one of my favorite Roald Dahl books. He first got the idea of the book while he was thinking about how much he hated beards. It is about a hideous couple know as the twits who play jokes and pull pranks on each other out of hatred. I would recommend this book to everyone because of how funny it is.