Circulatory System

By~Emma and Madyson

The Main Function of the System

The main function of this system is to pump blood through your body (to keep you alive.)

Main Parts of the System

The main parts of the system are Spleen, Blood, Blood Vessels, Arteries, and Heart.

They all help pump blood into your body to keep you alive.

What Each Part Does

Heart- Pumps blood into the body

Blood Vessels- Helps carry and deliver blood

Spleen- Helps pump blood

Veins- Carry Blood

Arteries- Delivers blood

How Does This Body System Affect Other Body Systems?

This System affects the Respiratory system by Smoking.

How Do Other Body Systems Affect This System?

The Immune System affects this System.

Some Problems (Disease/Illness) Of This System

Some problems in this System Are Lung Cancer.

Effects Of Enviromental Factors on the System

Effects of the enviromental Factors on this System are Smoking because it narrows blood pressure which stops breathing.

Three Fun Facts About The System

1. Blood Vessels make up Arteries and Veins.

2. Smoking narrows blood vessels and causes high blood pressure.

3. Your Heart is a constantly working muscle.

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