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More than 30 years ago it appears that 10 spacecrafts have been launched.


The (DSN) Deep Space Network didn't detect the signal during the contract attempt on 7th February 2003

First spacecraft to do?

On the 2nd of March 1972 the first spacecraft to travel through the asteroid belt and also the first to make the direct of observation

Cloud tops

On the 3rd December 1973 they were passing more then 81,000 miles of the cloud tops. tis event has been marked as the humans first approach


On the 15th July, 1972,The spacecraft entered the Asteroid belt and that area looked like a doughnut shape which measures 175 million miles

From the sun

On the 17th August 1966 the distance away from the sun was 1.1 AU from the sun.

On the 13th December 1967 it was also the 1.1 AU from the sun.

On the 8th November 1978 it was 0.8 AU from the sun.

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