Political Survey

Lauryn Ferguson 3rd period

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Do you support leaglization of marjuana?

Out of 20. 12 answered yes, 7 answered no, and 1 answered neutral. Most people who answered yes agreed very strongly about this question and those who said no had major opinions and I saw conflict when interviewing and someone said no against someone who said yes.
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Do you belive Hillary should be tried for email scandle?

Out of 20. 19 said yes, no one said no and 1 neutral. Everyone who said yes also agreed she should be imprisoned and or hung.
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Do you belive people should have drug test before getting foodstamps or welfare?

Out of 20. 15 said yes, 4 said no, and 1 neutral. Most everyone that said no also agreed that marijuana should be illegal.
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Should convicted felons have the right to vote?

Out of 20, 11 said yes, 6 said no, and 3 said neutral. When I asked this question and some one said yes another said no they would argue about an saying depends on the felony.