Our Sunday School Class

Where we love the sinner, hate the sin, and seek His kingdom


We don't say it often enough, but we really appreciate all you do, Doug, to prepare and bring the message God puts on your heart each week. You wear your heart on your sleeve; you are open and honest. You truly model an man after Jesus' own heart. Thank you.

About this newsletter.....

Please send me photos of each other and family that I can share through this media. Also send me anything you want to add to it. I am open to all ideas. This one is just a quick beginning with only the pictures I had in iPhoto.


Remember FBC is collecting toothpaste for the prison ministry. Each class has been challenged to collect 20 tubes of 6 oz. toothpaste. So far we have 10. I'll bring in the ones given to me this Sunday so we can turn them in. What a simple way to show love to others!