Mistree's Goals

Smart goals term 2&3


My fitness goal is :

To participate in more activity's at school and get more than 3:00 in the beep test or at least more

I thought that I could achieve this goal by:

  • Going to sports trials
  • having a go at different sports
  • Run to school whenever i walk to school jog the way there
  • Run the beep test during interval and lunch

Maths Goal:

Maths Goal:

To get 60 Questions right on my term basic facts test

I will achieve this by:

  • making a basic facts board with all the basic facts on it
  • practice least 5-10 minutes per day
  • 5 times a week

Literacy goal:

Literacy goal:

To get better at the strategy Infuring.

To achieve this goal im going to

  • Try and look for clues that the writer give for me
  • to read between the lines
  • To re-read the sentence's around words I don't know


To trial in other goals around the school and my community

to help I'm going to :

  • watch some different sports and see if I'm interested in that group or not