Are EarBuds Worth It?

by: Lily C. P:2

Earbuds shoot sound right at your eardrum that cause your hair cells in your inner ear to be damaged. the hair cells are called the cochlea and it sends sound messages to the brain. when loud music goes directly in your ears, the cochlea can't send messages to the brain very well.

Nathaniel Baldwin invented the first earbuds because they were light, and don't take up a lot of space. The Apple company later brought back the earbuds for the same reason. All Apple devises come with earbuds, and that's why so many people have earbuds, but More people are learning that ear buds can harm you.

There is earbuds that block out out sound, so you won't have to turn the music up louder. The 60/60 rule is to keep the volume under 60% and only listen to music with ear buds 60 minutes a day. If you follow this rule, you will not lose your hearing from listening to music with earbuds.

If other people can hear your music, it's too loud. sticking to headphones is also a good idea because unlike earbuds, they don't go directly in your ear. Earbuds could change your future, so be careful while using them.

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