Dream Job

What do i want to be when i grow up!


Being a lawyer entitles many things. A lawyer helps their clients on their legal situation and finds suitable options to help them solve the situation. A lawyer can deal with many different situations like divorce, civil cases, criminal cases, cases that involve going to court or drawing up a will. There are many areas of law that include property, employment, finance, corporate etc.

Educational Expenses

As a Permanent Resident of Australia i am not Eligible to Get a HECS loan, so the best option is to work a part time job and pay off my educational fees and i have time for university.

Type of Employment

There are many different types of employment options for lawyers, depending on the person itself there are many options. One could become a full time lawyer or part time lawyer if they have other jobs or other commitments or open a law firm themselves which is included as self-employment. Lawyers can earn up to around 80-125,000 dollars a year depending on how experienced they are and where they work.


I want to become a lawyer because i like to debate and help people and if i become a barrister these include both those qualities and it lets me help people out while debating for their case. I also find the law system intriguing and fascinating and like to learn about the different kinds of exceptions for laws.


There are many skills a lawyer needs to possess to be a good lawyer, these skills include

  • Negotiating (not all cases will end up in court)
  • Explaining the law and giving general legal advice
  • Settling disputes and supervising any agreements
  • Researching and gathering evidence
  • Analysing legal document