Culture Interview


He eats bacon, salads, steak, meat, sandwiches, noodles, and more

How he dresses?

Sport clothes and Jeans

What he does for fun?

Soccer, skateboarding, video games, and other sports

Where do they live?

A house/ neighborhood

How do people greet one and another?

Shake hands, and high five

How would a visitor be welcomed into the house?

Shake hands, and say Hi

How do people view obligations toward one another?

take out the trash, make bed, and taking care of the dog

Do they have siblings?

Yes and 5

Are they close to their extended family?


What is their favorite type of music?

rap, & pop

What is their favorite type of creative activity? (drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.)

Drawing, & painting

What type of movies do they enjoy?

Superhero movies, Comedy, & Action