Rhode Island Colony

By: Sarah Crawford

Who founded Rhode Island, and why?

Roger Williams founded the colony in 1636. He thought that everyone should be able to believe what they wanted and not be punished for it. The people in Massachusetts didn't believe in that, so they kicked him out. Williams named the spot where he landed "Providence", after a phase "God's merciful providence". He founded this so he could have his own political views and believe what he wanted in.

More facts...

Roger Williams guaranteed religious and political freedom. Religious refugees from the Massachusetts Bay Colony settled in Rhode Island. Rhode Island was the home of the first baptist church, the first Jewish synagogue, and one of the first Quaker meetinghouses. The name of the state capital means "Divine Guidance". Williams got kicked out of Massachusetts because of his religious and political views. If you come to Rhode Island, we can promise you that you can believe in whatever you want, and you wont be punished for it!