Trinity's Poems


The Nature Effect ( personaficaion)

I stay awake as the stars look at me from above,

We here the mountains as they lisen to the sheep rawrr,

As stone remindes me of soup,

I watch as mornin gfallows night,

The sea remembers the watery fish,

The fire shows angery faces in the dark,

As rain daces in the forest,

And dawn tells chickens to meow,

As night teaches flowers to bloom,

As the sun dreams of screaming cows,

And the moon guieds the stars to stair.

Were Are Your Lisens? (couplet)

The popo said "do you have your lisens?",

I said "no they are in my orange slicese"

Halloween Fright (couplet)

The pumpkin was alive ,

So i will dive into a group of five,.

Photo's Of Me ( couplet)

I hate photo's of me,

I dislike them cause thier not pretty.

That wierd beird ( limerick)

A man grew a beird,

He looked very wierd,

It was bright pink,

And it was shaped like a sink,

The man looked weird woth that ugly beird.

Green Leaves ( Haiku)

I am very green,

And am happy in the trees,

My name is green leaves.

Cruel (Haiku)

There was an old man,

Who had a ton of girlfriends,

Who cried every night.

Burke's Bakery (Alliteration)

Burke baked a Bubble gum

blaster pie.

Grace's Patch (alliteraton)

Grace grew a great amount of

grass in her prairy patch.

Sacirfice (Alliteration)

Ceirra sacurficed her stuffed

ciercle polkadot sloth.

The money jacker ( alliteration)

John the jacket maker jacked a

jumbo amoun tof money,

John the jacket maker went

to jail for jacking a jumbo money bundle,

Busting noses ( alliteration)

Burke busted his nose from busting

his brothers Bob, Billy,

Burch, Buster and bang while building a massive

book of bashing rules.

Fried Chicken ( imagery)

Hot like the sun,

Make sme go yum,

As white as snow,

Makes me glow,

I hork it down

The top is round,

Crunchy and juciy,

Taste much better than raw sushi,

I like it greasy,

It makes me weezy,

I sometimes like it spicey,

It goes together nicely,

I love Fried chicken,

So I am sticken with fried chicken.

Thursday (metephor/simles)

Thursday, Get home and get out chips,

Put chips in a bowl like i'm in a fire,

Quick turn on the tv the family is here,

My family was a herd of elephants,

Scream, yell, jump, cuss!

Finaly the game is over,

Run to my room and go sound asleep,