by Ben H and Thomas L WC:6

Facts about Islam

The followers are called Muslims. Their bible is called Qu'ran(koran). Their main belief is the declaration of faith. Their place of worship is a mosque, and their worship leader is called Imam.The common figure to all three religions is Abraham.Their holidays are Eid al Fitr(celebrates end of Ramadan with gifts, food, family, and thanks), and Ramadan(Allah giving Muhammad a message)Their holy city is called Jerusalem(the dome of rock is mainly where they are)Their tradition is the Five pillars of Islam(Faith statement that there is only one god named Allah and Mohammed is his messenger,pray facing mecca five times daily,charity,fasting abstaining from food and drink during daylight hours during Ramadan,Friday prayers at the mosque,,hajj pilgrimage to mecca at least once in your lifetime,No eating of pork)
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