mLearning: Learning on the fly!

An emerging learning style that utilizes mobile technology!

Send your students text reminders with Clickatell!

Clickatell is an internet webiste/application that allows users to send multiple SMS messages to endless recipients globally. It even has the capacity to send the message(s) depending on time zones, so that nobody is getting woken up in the middle of the night. This is a great way to contact your students on their mobile devices, which they use the most out of any device. With clickatell, teachers are able to send out reminders for due dates, notifications that their LMS has been updated for their students, etc. And if a teacher is working late and still wants to send a message, clickatell will make sure that nobody gets woken up in the middle of the night!
How the Clickatell SMS gateway works

De-layer your students environment with Layar!

Layar is an app that allows internet access through the camera of a mobile device. The Layar app uses the camera to scan whatever the camera is looking at, and provides links to internet sites with more information on whatever was scanned. This would be ideal for school field trips. Students often get bored listening to a tour guide, but with Layar, students would be able to interact more directly with their environment.

Step into my office...anywhere!

Microsoft office is getting with the times, and they have put all of microsoft office on mobile apps! Students are now able to download powerpoints, word documents, or anything to do with MSO on to their mobile devices and edit them, read them over, etc. The best part is that these documents can be opened through storage apps like dropbox! This gives a new spin to the classic essays and powerpoints that we all remember from high school, because now they can be worked on anywhere!

Use your voice everywhere!

VoiceThread is a great tool that mixes the ease of seeing presentation with the personal touch of being able to include a voice in it. It's a presentation tool that allows users to record themselves talking over the presentation of images that they've prepared. This tool can be used anywhere on any device, and is great for students who feel they are better at conveying concepts through talking about it rather than writing about it.

You might have 5 classes, but you only need one note for all of them

Now I know that I've already mentioned microsoft office mobile, but the app I want to talk about now was on computers as well as mobile devices first, and its purpose is a little different from your typical MSO program. I'm talking about the revolutionary note taking application microsoft OneNote. OneNote is a note taking application that allows its users to make multiple electronic notebooks for every one of their classes or hobbies, add pictures seamlessly, and sync these notebooks to the cloud. Additionally, you can download the OneNote app on a mobile device, and any edit made to the notes are synchronized with OneNote on the computer, or whatever other device you have OneNote on, this way your notes are the same wherever you access them.
Welcome to the all-new OneNote