The Importance of Baroque Music

Why is this style of music so important?

What is Baroque music?

Baroque music is a western style of music that followed the Renaissance era. After the Baroque era the classical era came after. Baroque is from the Portuguese word "barroco" which means oddly shaped pearl. Music in this time era was often compared with misshaped pearl and the term was used until the nineteenth century.

Style of Baroque

Baroque music focused mainly on religion. The exchange of music between different countries influenced the international style. The style of baroque music changed throughout the era, at first it moved to monody and then moved back to polyphony.

Music in Baroque Society

There was a high wanting for new music for certain occasions during the Baroque time era. The main entertainment for the aristocracy was music. Most people listened to music through the church during this time because baroque music mainly focused on religion.

Roles of Baroque Musicians

Composers were expected to take on roles such as training musicians in addition to writing their music. Many musicians learned their skills as choristers or from family members who were musicians.