September 2021

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DECA is a high-energy organization designed to prepare students to be college and career-ready upon graduation. DECA has more than 236,000 members in 5,000 high school chapters from all 50 states and from nine countries. Students gain experience through interactive classroom activities and by attending DECA Conferences throughout the school year.

West Bloomfield High School students enrolled in a co-curricular DECA course have the opportunity to participate. This includes students enrolled in Marketing, Advanced Marketing, Fashion Merchandising, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Personal Finance, Growing Your Own Business, Accounting, and AP Macro/Micro Economics.

DECA is built into the course curriculum. Students are already learning the material in class that is needed for competitions. Choosing to compete and join DECA is optional. Students may choose among a variety of competitive events based on their personal interests from automotive, finance, hospitality, sports, business law, apparel, travel and tourism and more. They may choose to compete in a role play event requiring little time outside of school, or be more competitive and choose a written event. The choice is theirs.

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DECA’s program of competitive events has something for everyone. With events ranging from Hospitality and Tourism, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Apparel, Finance, Food Marketing, Automotive Services, and Entrepreneurship, DECA members have the opportunity to explore a variety of career areas. Competition helps develop communication, marketing, and decision-making skills, all the while giving a taste of “real-world” experience. Events may include multiple-choice tests, role-playing situations, research projects, business plans, interviews, and teamwork skills. There is never an audience at a DECA competition, so there’s no need to worry about impressing anybody but the judge.


DECA gives many students the opportunity to travel throughout the country for once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

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Through leadership conferences, academies, or the experience of holding a local, state, or even national office, DECA members are a step ahead of the typical high school graduate. Some examples of DECA’s leadership opportunities are listed below:


One of the most attractive things about DECA is the varied scholarship opportunities available to members. Countless colleges and universities offer DECA scholarships to their applicants, and many companies offer scholarships to DECA members. At the International Career Development Conference, over $350,000 in scholarship money is awarded annually to DECA members.

Chapter Activities

Local chapter activities are the core of what makes DECA a unique, student-focused organization.

Community Service

  • Spring Fashion Show
  • Spring Carnival

Career Development Activities

  • Marketing Research
  • Partnerships
  • Guest Speakers


  • School-Based Enterprise (Laker Landing)
  • Bagel Sales
  • Local restaurant fundraisers


  • WBHS DECA Dues- $35 which includes student t-shirt, membership card, membership certificate, and registration fee for the district conference or entry into either the virtual business competition or for written project submission for the state conference. Dues must be paid by October 1st
  • Local Competition-TBA | WBHS | 7AM-10:30 AM
  • District 6 Competition: Friday, December 17 | Lawrence Tech | Students excused under field trip
  • State Career Development Competition: Thursday, March 10- Saturday, March 12 |Detroit, Michigan | Approx $250 | Students excused under field trip
  • International Career Development Conference | April 22-27 | Atlanta, GA | Approx $850 | Students excused under field trip

Payments: Payments are required in full a minimum of one month prior to competition. Payment may be made in cash, check payable to West Bloomfield High School, or to the efunds page on the district website.

Note: Travel costs depend upon WBHS fundraisers, business partnerships, and donations. Students may apply for scholarships early in the year to help reduce expenses. Those with financial concerns should contact one of the DECA advisors directly. Our goal is for all students who qualify to attend a conference to be able to do so.

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SIGN-UP FOR WBHS DECA 2021-2022-Extended until 2PM 9/28

  1. Review: 2021-2022 WBHS DECA Calendar
  2. Review the DECA Competitive Events
  3. Review the: 2021-2022 WBHS DECA Contest List to see where others have signed up or you have been placed.
  4. Complete: 2021-2022 WBHS DECA Google Form Sign-up (due by 9/28)
  5. Pay the $35 co-curricular dues - includes a WBHS DECA t-shirt, membership pin, membership card, certificate, and registration fee for the District 6 contest.


WBHS DECA Board Welcomes Incoming Freshmen

The WBHS DECA Board welcomed the class of 2025 at the Annual Cookies in the Courtyard event. Students and parents had the opportunity to ask questions about DECA as well as see examples of winning papers and projects.


DECA New Member Week

September 27th -Oct 1st we will be highlighting new members on our social media. Watch for your name for special giveaways!


Looking Ahead


Fri Oct 1

  • 12:30 Homecoming Pep Assembly
  • 5:30 WBHS Homecoming Parade Prince of Peace
  • DECA Membership dues deadline|$35 to DECA via E-Funds

Oct 11-Oct 15 DECA School-Based Enterprise Week-daily social media posts-Adv Marketing

Oct 19-29 DECA Virtual Business Round 1 Competition (Virtual Business Competitors only)

Oct ? WBHS DECA Local Competition at WBHS TBA

NOVEMBER DECA Month-PA posts/social media posts/miracle minutes at lunch/freebies

Nov 2 Optional DECA 5K?

Nov 3 ? DECA appreciation lunch for staff and photo both for students at lunches

Nov 5 Optional Blessings in a Backpack Trivia Night

Nov 8-14 Entrepreneurship Week

Nov 8-14 UMatter Week?

Nov 17 4PM-8 PM Optional WBHS DECA Chipotle Fundraiser 6753 Orchard Lake Rd.

Nov 17-18 Online District Conference Testing|WBHS| During co-curricular marketing class

Nov 30 Membership campaign entry deadlines to DECA Inc. (DECA Board)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do students have to join DECA?

No, it is an optional activity. It provides the opportunity to earn college scholarships, travel, network with industry executives, become college-ready, and build your college and professional resume. It will not impact them negatively by not joining.

Can any WBHS student join DECA?

No, they must be enrolled in a co-curricular DECA-related course. This includes Marketing, Advanced Marketing, Fashion Merchandising, Growing Your Own Business, Personal Finance, Accounting, or AP Economics.

How many students participate in DECA?

Approximately 200-250 WBHS students participate in DECA each year. DECA is the largest WBHS club or activity.

When do students meet? How much time is required outside of school?

DECA is built into the curriculum within each course. Students have an opportunity to choose from among a number of competitive events based on their personal interests and availability. Students may choose an event that requires little outside work and some will choose a paper that requires a great deal more. They should see their instructor.

Do students have to attend the conferences?

This is the best part of DECA and what students enjoy most. Students are expected to attend conferences if they qualify. Costs, dates, and scholarship information are listed on this page

Who travels with the students?

Conferences are chaperoned by West Bloomfield School District DECA advisors, teachers, and administrators. Parents are welcome to book their own travel, but students must stay with our chapter.

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West Bloomfield High School DECA

WBHS DECA Advisors:

Jacqueline Evola

Lisa Sallen

Laura Wowk

Julie Zalla