Room 126a

Weekly Update #21

A Week In Review

June is here, and, sadly, we are starting to wind things up for the summer. Toys are getting cleaned and put away. Activity centres are getting closed up. And we're playing more and more outside.

Speaking of spending more time outside, we were lucky this past week to get a session with our Green Teacher. We were taken outside into the 'Sensory Kinder Garden' to smell and taste some of the different plants there. Then we went over to the Hillside Garden to create a Nature's Colour Wheel. The kids had a great time exploring our gardens in a different way.

This week we started reading a chapter book together, called 'Things Are Looking Up Jack!' by Dan Bar-El. This book takes place in the Kingdom of Nursery Rhymes, and so far we've already met King Jack, Princess Jill, Sir Humpty Dumpty, and the King's Mother Goose. Strange things are happening in the kingdom, and people keep falling down (starting with the clumsy King and his not-at-all-clumsy sister).

This week we also said good-bye to our friend Jude and his family. The Chan family has been very fortunately transferred to Calgary. As we prepared for Jude's departure, we explored where Calgary is compared to Toronto using Google Earth. This led into a further exploration of where the Arctic and Antarctic are, and various other parts of world. We will Jude and his family very much, and wish them all the best as they begin their new lives out west.

Upcoming Events

Angry Birds Math Game

On Friday June 12, we will be playing Angry Birds Math Games in the morning. This is a fun, interactive math experience that was created by our Parent Council's STEM committee. To help this activity run smoothly, however, we do need parent volunteers to help.

Please email me to let me know if you are available to help in the classroom on Friday morning.

Warren Park Field Trip

Thank you to everyone who has returned their permission forms and money for our field trip on Wednesday June 17.

Parent volunteers will be contacted shortly.

**DATE CHANGE!** Year End Concert

Please join us on Thursday June 18th at 2:15 in the library for our class year-end concert. The kids have been working hard learning some new songs, and perfecting some year-long favourites, and are excited to share them with you.

I am very sorry for the date change... it is due to a miscalculation on my part with regards to our library days. Thank you for your understanding.

Please do not send your child to school in Jelly shoes or Crocs. The plastic material has a tendency to get caught on the climber causing trips and injuries. Also, they attract woodchips and other ground debris which can cause injury to your child's feet.


Classroom Cleaning

Thank you to Gabriella's mom, Corina, for doing our classroom laundry. If you are available to do laundry this week, please email me to let me know.

Thank you also to Kyle's mom, Danielle, and Martin's mom, Pam, for volunteering to wash our first two bins of toys. If you are available to help us clean and pack-up toys as we get ready for the summer, please email me to let me know.

Arrival and Dismissal Times


Due to construction in the Runnymede yards, lunchtime schedules have been changed and will, likely, be in effect until the end of the school year. Parents picking up their students for lunch should wait outside the gates. When teachers/eces see parents, we will collect and deliver children to you. Those students staying for lunch, will be taken inside to eat by 11:45. Students who are returning from lunch MAY NOT RETURN UNTIL 12:30. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Parents are reminded that they should not be entering the school during morning arrival times. Older children should join their line and enter the school through their assigned door with the other students. Once older siblings have been dropped off to their line, there is enough time to come around the school to our entry door in the Adventure Yard. Students should not be dropped off at the internal door, as we can not ensure their safety.

If you are arriving late (after 9:05 am), then you must enter the school through entrance 1, and sign your child in at the office before delivering them to the classroom.

Also, students who are away for the morning, should not arrive for afternoon classes until 12:30 when the teachers go on duty in the yard. Similarly, if you are withdrawing you child for the afternoon, please be prepared to pick them up at the beginning of lunch, 11:30. We often travel to other parts of the school, including the school yard, Hillside Garden, gym, library, and music rooms. If you are delivering or picking up your child at times other than arrival and dismissal times, we can not guarantee that they will be in the classroom or prepared to leave.

Please make sure that any adult (including daycares, nannies, grandparents, etc...) is aware of these expectations.

Please make sure your child arrives at school dressed to play outside every day!

Help Keep Each Other Healthy

We have been working on building healthy habits (such as washing our hands when they have been in our mouths, etc...) in the classroom. However, germs do continue to travel fast through our classroom. Please practice healthy habits with your child at home: cover mouths with elbows when coughing and sneezing; use kleenex instead of fingers to wipe noses; and wash hands with soap and water (don't forget to scrub). Also, if your child is sick, please keep them home until they are better. Please help us keep each other healthy.