Gang Violence

Teen Violence and How to Help

By: Brett Barry, Kaitlyn Ballard, Laine Apple, Matthew Anderson, and Arvind Narayanan

Definition and Facts


A group of criminals or hoodlums who group together for shared protection and profit.


  • Gangs use clothing as a symbol to show that they are in a gang (bandanas)
  • When joining a gang, often times there is an initiation that needs to be passed. This initiation is usually a violent crime that could include theft, murder, gang-rape, or drive-by shootings
  • Teens join gangs to sell drugs, commit crimes, and make money. Ever since there have been street gangs there have been drive by shootings and arresting people each day. Gang violence is purely a law enforcement problem.

Case Study #1

Article I looked at:

In my words: Gangs are a growning problem in Austin, Texas. Police create a new unit to keep track of the gangs. Gang members in the area are divided by tattoos, the way they dress, and colors they wear. Austin isn't as infested as other places, but there is still a growing problem.

Case Study #2


Near 30th and Troy Streets on Chicago`s West Side 2 people were wounded when a 16 year old pulled out a gun yelled a gang slogan then opened fire.

Case Study #3

A man was shot to death at Andress High School. Allegedly killed by a rival gang member in apparent retaliation of the stabbing of another rival gang member

Case Study #4

Oakland California has always had an issue with gangs but there might be a new solution, Operations Ceasefire, is a multi-disciplinary approach to fighting gang violence. The program involves having police, probation and parole officers work with community members such as pastors and crime victims to try to get gang members and other violent groups to try to lead more productive lives.

Solutions to Gang Violence

  • Report to the police or teachers- if you see something bad going on with two different gangs, dont be afraid to report it to teachers or police.
  • Be up to date with local gangs- see what events are going on and try to stop them by doing this.
  • Limit school dress code- some gangs have their own clothing, but if you limit the school dress code or make uniforms, they cannot wear them.
  • Parents spend time with children a lot- if the parents spend time with a child a lot, it could prevent them from negative influences.
  • Take Action!- everyone must take action to prevent Gang violence

Consequences of Gang Violence

If you are involved in gang violence you can find your self in a lot of trouble including: death, jail time, and drug or alcohol abuse. Also if you ever want to get out of a gang it is very difficult to. By attempting to get out of a gang could also get you or your family killed. With your choice of being in a gang can puts you and your family's life at risk.

"Put down the gun, let go of the knife, break free from the chains that hold you in because the next life you lose, just might be your own"