Mahanay News- August 31, 2020

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Tomorrow is our first Curbside Library Book Checkout!

Ms. Nance and Ms. Sykes have been working hard to get books ready to pass out to our students!

If you would like books for your students, please fill out this google form so we can pull books that interest your child (do a separate entry for each child). At the end you may put specific requests and we will do our best to fulfill them.

We will check out 5 books at a time, which will be checked out for a 2 week time period. To begin, we will be offering this service on Tuesday / Thursday lunch periods (10:45-1:00) so we do not interrupt zoom meetings.

We will inform you that the books are ready via text message and will be out in the bus drop off area with your books for a touch free transaction.

In two weeks when you are ready to return the books, fill out the google form again! We will have a new bag of books ready and exchange them with your old ones. Please be patient if a book you want is not available as we will not check-in returned books until their quarantine period has ended.

Missing a book from last school year? It is OK! We will still check books out to you! Keep looking for that lost book and return it whenever you find it! :)

We are so excited to get books back in our students' hands!

Library Book Request/Return Link

Please use this link to request a library book for your students.

Family Center

Here is this parent center newsletter!


The Family Center Grand Opening will be September 11, 2020.

More details will be provided as we get closer to the event.

Stay Up-to-Date with current events happening. Click Here for more info!

Our Counselors Have you Covered!

Alief ISD Professional School Counselors are available to support students remotely during these uncertain times.

In addition to counselors always being available via email, students and parents can request a virtual meeting with a school counselor. Please complete the online Alief ISD Counseling Request Form for this service, and your school counselor will contact you concerning your request.

You can also access the Alief ISD Guidance and Counseling Department website at any time at for additional resources and support.

Ms. Gina Murane is our counselor here at Mahanay! The character trait for Septemeber is Respect! She will be visiting zooms and speaking with teachers to look for students who are showing respect to one another, families, and teachers!

Some reminders for Virtual Instruction

As we try to keep things as close to in-person school as possible, please help us at home as best you can. We know that you are all working and sometimes helping to keep multiple students engaged in their learning. We so appreciate all that you are doing for your students!


  • Students need to be the ones doing the work and responding to teacher questions. That is how teachers are able to see if a student needs additional support. If parents provide the answers, then it appears as if the student has mastered the concept and does not need additional help.
  • As best as you can, please allow your child to work away from distractions
  • Please encourage your child to sit and stay focused to the best of their abilities

Curbside Meals!

DATE: Monday through Friday (Exception – no service when school is not in session).

TIME: 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

WHO: Only enrolled Alief ISD students

WHAT: Breakfast and lunch will be provided

WHERE: At Mahanay by the gym


Apply online at

Complete a paper application – Available at campuses, curbside feeding sites & the Federal Meals Office located at 12400 High Star, Building T-248, Houston, TX 77072.

Once the application has been processed, notifications letters will be sent via email or physical address on file.

If students are directly certified (DC) for free or reduced meals, a letter will be sent to homes to inform parent/guardian of child’s meal status and state no meal application is needed.

Missing Materials

If your student is enrolled in Kinder-4th grade and you have not picked up your child's materials, please contact your child's teacher or email to set up a time to pick them up from the school.

If your child is enrolled in the C.E.A.I program, when their materials are delivered, we will contact you about pick up.

Technology Help

All students should be logged in to Google Chrome with their Alief Google Account ( and then use the Sign in with Google link in the Zoom app and then use their First and Last name for the Zoom Account

In order for students to attend a Zoom meeting they must install the Zoom extension\app.

If you have the link for the zoom meeting, you can click on that as well.

If you do not have the zoom link, you must also use the extension: for Chromebooks and Androids.

If the student is on a Windows device they may install the app from

If the student's Windows device is locked in S mode they must switch out of S Mode ( before installing the Zoom app.

Again, all students should be logged into Google Chrome with their Alief Google Account (Student and then use the Sign in with Google link in the Zoom app and then use their First and Last name for the Zoom Account.

For password help, please contact your child's teacher. If your child's teacher is unable to help, they can reach out to our tech specialist to give you a call.

Parents/Guardians and students have full responsibility for the textbooks and/or related instructional materials and devices issued to them. Please help your child find a special place to put his or her textbooks/materials when they are not being used. Full payment must be made for lost textbooks/materials/devices. Fines will be assessed for damage to textbooks/materials/devices. Students are to keep their printed textbooks covered at all times to minimize normal wear as well as damage.

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PreK Registation

We still have space in our Prek program. If you have or know of children who will turn 4 before September 1st and they live in the Mahanay zone, please share the registration info link below.

Please email if you have any questions.

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