OF Monsters and Dinosaurs

German Reyna

Jurassic Park

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Man Vs Himself

For the First Man vs Himself I have chosen John Hammond and his perspective on how the park would be a success and didn't take any precautionary measures and that led to the death of many people and his dream.

Another Man vs Himself I have chosen is that of Alan Grant is disturbed by the fact that he has to deal with children that don't understand what he does or what importance dinosaurs have but with the events that happen during the incident at the park he changes his feelings towards children.

Dennis Nedry has a Man vs Himself because he greed costed the lives of many including himself, if he didn't try to take the embryos that were in cryogenesus he would of still lived and many others

Man Vs Society

When John Hammond had the idea of having the the park created and having it to be done buy a few months he thought that expert Alan Grant, Ellie Scatter and Ian Malcolm would approve of his park but was rejected by everyone beside the lawyer.


The theme or morale of the story to Jurassic Park is that anything that seem under control is an illusion and that chaos is ready when it needs to be. A quote from the movie that came from Ian Malcolm when they are in the lab looking at the eggs created by genetic engineering "but your scientist were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should.


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Man vs Himslef

In the novel Frankenstein, Victor has achieved what others have not and that is to become a god so coming face to face with the creature he realizes that he doesn't want it to live and he internally hates the being even though he accomplished what he went for

Another Man vs Himself in this Novel is the creature himself, he argues with himself about how he has a purpose ion this world and that he has to go find it , but has to deal with the fact that he is doesn't know who or what he is

Man vs Society

When Walton tells Victor that he wants to discover the unknown up north but Victor rejects his idea and suggest that he should be happy with what he has accomplished so that he doesnt consumed by what he has learned.

Another Conflict is the rejection of human people towards the creature as he tries to communicate and be loved by others, he only wants to learn and is hated and exiled by the human population.


In Frankenstein the morale or theme in the story is that you shouldn't discover the unknown and should be happy with what you have accomplished because you don't know what will or could happen if you go into the unknown.

Similarities and Differences

Between both Frankenstein and Jurassic park they share the same idea in " you shouldn't get involved in stuff you don't know" and that is what Victor and John Hammond did, Victor wanted to create the ideal being and change nature. With John Hammond he wanted to have Dinosaurs to roam the earth once again and that they should see how they lived.

The differences between both is that in they novel and the movie is that Victor lost everything and everyone that he ever loved especially of his wife, while Hammond on the other hand only lost a huge portion of money and escaped with his life and family. His dreams where the only thing that he will never see come to life.

Theme in Both books

Both Frankenstein and Jurassic Park carry the same message of not messing around with what they have no information about because the consequences cant be measured. Both John Hammond and Victor Frankenstein realized this and it was too late the damage was already done.


Robert Walton- he wanted to discover the unknown up in the north and he didn't care if it costed the lives of the people on the boat

Victor Frankenstein - He wanted to discover the unknown in bring back life to the undead and go against nature.

The Creature- All he wants is to be loved and accepted by society for what he is in personality and not for appearance.

John Hammond- he wants to bring dinosaurs back and wants the whole world to see what he has accomplished.

Alan Grant- he wants to discover dinosaur fossils and when John Hammond gives him the choice of seeing one he goes out to Jurassic park to see what he has.