March 19, 2020

Some great suggestions for rainy days!

On a gloomy day like today, it's a great idea to curl up with a book, take a virtual field trip, or play some games inside the house. If books are your thing, Julia (daughter of staffer John T) suggests diving into a series. Some of her favorites include Dork Diaries, the Wimpy Kid Series, and the Magic Tree House books. If those don't appeal to you, maybe you'd like The Babysitters Club.

Virtual Field Trips

Over 30 Virtual Field Trips with Links

(Click on colored text for links. Safe Travels!)

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo has a website just for kids with amazing videos, activities, and games. Enjoy the tour!

Yellowstone National Park Virtual Field Trip

Mud Volcano, Mammoth Hot Springs, and so much more.

Tour Yellowstone National Park!


Explore the surface of Mars on the Curiosity Rover.

They are updating from WEBVR to WEBXR now, but 360 Mode offers a digital view!

Animal Cameras

Live Cams at the San Diego Zoo

Monterey Bay Aquarium live cams

Panda Cam at Zoo Atlanta

6 Animal Cams at Houston Zoo

Georgia Aquarium has Jellyfish, Beluga Whales, and more

Virtual FarmTour

This Canadian site FarmFood 360 offers

11 Virtual Tours of farms from minks, pigs, and cows, to apples and eggs.

U.S. Space and Rocket Museum in Huntsville, AL

See the Saturn 5 Rocket on YouTube and more on this tour thanks to a real father/son outing.

Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips

A few of the field trip topics include

Polar Bears and the Tundra

Social Emotional Skills



The Louvre

Travel to Paris, France to see amazing works of art at The Louvre with this virtual field trip.

The Great Wall of China

This Virtual Tour of the Great Wall of China is beautiful and makes history come to life.

Boston Children’s Museum

Walk through the Boston Children’s Museum thanks to Google Maps!

This virtual tour allows kids to explore 3 floors of fun.

Keep it Moving...

Basketball. Get creative with household objects to create a basketball and hoop. You could use a wadded piece of paper and trash can or laundry basket and ball of socks. Then practice taking shots from different spots. Play HORSE! Keep score for the whole family.

Maze Game. Create a checkerboard pattern on the floor — either with pillows, washi tape or paper — with a start corner square and opposite exit corner square. Draw a hidden pattern on paper that the kids must follow in order to get through the maze. Have the kids take turns moving through the maze — moving left, right, forward or back without skipping over squares. If they pick the wrong square, have them go back to the beginning and try again.

Land, Sea, Air. This simple game requires listening and a line on the ground. Pick a spot with a natural line, such as a tile, or place a small piece of tape on the floor. Identify behind the line as land, in front of the line as sea and jumping directly up as air. Have the kids follow your directions. Say the commands land, sea and air in no particular order. If the kids make a mistake have them do three jumping jacks and try again.