Nova Scotia

By Rhiannon Van Fleet and Emily Faltys

Nova Scotia

-means New Scotland in Latin
-includes over 3,800 coastal islands
-population is 940,592 people


-over 80% have backgrounds from British ancestry

-18% have backgrounds from French ancestry

-the rest of the percentage includes German, Dutch, Poles, Ukrainian, Chinese, Scandinavian, and native people

Climate and Weather

-Nova Scotia has cool, dry air from the interior mixes with warmer, wet air over the sea

-the areas along the coast are milder and wetter than the areas inland

-the Atlantic coast is foggy, especially in the spring

-there are heavy rains and stormy weather in the fall

-the province has experienced hurricanes in the late summer

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"One defends and the other conquers"

Provincial Symbols

tree-red spruce


animal-Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever dog




Industries and Jobs

- shipping is common in Halifax, one of the main Atlantic ports

- fishing is popular to people who live by the lakes and the ocean

- drilling is popular to people who live by the shore because of shore-line drilling

- people in Nova Scotia are the world's largest exporters in Christmas trees, lobsters, gypsum, and wild berries

- manufacturing is very big around Sydney and Halifax, Nova Scotia