Tutors needed in the ECC!!!

Volunteer opportunity for service-learning, & practice!

Change the life a child by helping with homework!

Change the life of a child by donating some of your time to provide homework help this year. The Education & Counseling Center provides academic and counseling services to Chicagoland families who may not be able to afford it otherwise. We have lots of kids who would like to receive tutoring/homework help- and we have a whole building of students receiving education degrees. How perfect!! Now we just need you to volunteer :)

Credit towards class or pre-service hours also possible with instructor approval.

No matter what your field will be, it looks GREAT on a resume!

We help K-12 grade levels. Most of the children are in grade school and come from all over Chicagoland to receive help. They are referred by teachers and parents. Tutoring generally lasts 1 hour each week.

If you can spare an hour or more each week, please email Dr. Mason in the ECC at mmason26@depaul.edu