Tutors needed in the ECC!!!

Volunteer opportunity for service-learning, & practice!

Change the life a child by helping with homework!

Change the life of a child by donating some of your time to provide homework help this year. The Education & Counseling Center provides academic and counseling services to Chicagoland families who may not be able to afford it otherwise. All services are offered on a sliding fee scale, and most families receive them for free as no one is ever turned away due to inability to pay. Any payments of fees donated are appreciated and used to fund materials. We have lots of kids who would like to receive tutoring/homework help- and we have a whole building of students receiving education degrees. How perfect!! Now we just need you to volunteer :)

Credit towards class or pre-service hours also possible with instructor approval.

No matter what your field will be, it looks GREAT on a resume!

We help K-12 grade levels. Most of the children are in grade school and come from all over Chicagoland to receive help. They are referred by teachers and parents. Tutoring generally lasts 1 hour each week.

If you can spare an hour or more each week, please email Dr. Mason in the ECC at mmason26@depaul.edu