Strategy of the Month for ELs

Ms. Brooks and Ms. King

Teaching Connectors and Compound Sentences

For students to write cohesive paragraphs and use compound sentences or more complex syntax, they need explicit instruction on transition words such as because, and, then, next, but, however. Connectors and transition words not only help oral expression but also to write cohesively. Below, you will find some sample charts/posters that students can use during discussion, or when constructing questions or during writing. These can be used concurrently with the RAP or RACE strategy.

These visual reminders can be used in various ways. You may choose to make mini-charts to laminate for students desks, or post them on table tents. You might simply post them on chart paper throughout the classroom. The choice is yours!

Sample Anchor Charts and Posters

Modifying Based on Level of Proficiency

Graphic organizers can be modified by including transitional words or phrases. This could be done as a sentence frame, or in a word bank. A younger student, or novice level student may also be allowed to respond orally or with a picture.