Move to The Southern Colonies.

By:Maria Quizhpi & Courtney Rosell

GEOGRAPHY in the Wonderful Southern Colonies

  • The Reanoke R., James R. and many more give you access to fresh clean water!

  • One of the very well known land marks are the Appalachians.
  • Land is very flat around the coast but near the main mountains keep the cold tapped from the Southern land.
  • The temperature is very warm, around 94 degrees, which are perfect for growing crops like Tabacoo, Indigo, and other cash crops to trade around either Maryland Virginia or other colonies!

Religious Rights

Lord Baltimore passed the Act of Toleration to discipline the people in the South. We welcome protestants to our land. Also we have religious freedom for the people to establish their own beliefs in Christianity. Roman Catholics are one of the main or typical religion we practice. Although Judaism is not acceptable to our culture.

Schools/Daily lives

We have very good learning habits in the southern colonies. Europeans family's may go to school though, if they are wealthy in management or have stable jobs, that lead to higher raises. The boys learn outside traits, such as hunting, farming, and construction. On the other hand girls learn inside traits. Like cooking, growing herbs, sewing, and entertainment. To be ready for the grown life of a woman to care for their family and children.

Political system

Our southern colony uses legislatures. We also have upper and lower houses. The upper houses that contained advisers who were appointed bye the government themselves. We have a very strong government, which disciplines people in the south. We have also created an elected assembly. This means the upper hand men, who are legislators that have the right to vote for representatives.


The economy is very healthy here in the south. We have lots of land for your farming needs, you can grow indigo, and lots of tabacoo. We also have jobs for maids, cooks, and blacksmiths. Most of the southern would suggest that you should grow tabacoo, that's how we get most of our profit that add money to the economy, so we can get even more profit, by your help!


Slavery in our community were the majority of African men/women or young adults. These people were perfect for jobs in big plantations to help harvest cash crops! Indigo as you know if very profitable, the servants or slaves help build business. Local native Indians were no help to these money making farms, but the Africans are strong built. They can endure the limited conditions we have here on the farm! Not all slaves or barely none, are allowed to vote or have other rights as us English men because of their lack of wealth.

Move on over Here!

Join us where freedom of religion is accepted and good-paying jobs and wonderful land are shown. These are the Southern Colonies.