The Fleming Periodical

Introducing Joe Bloggs

A Little About Me

Hi I’m Loice (sound like Joyce but with an L ) and I am a newbie to Capco based in the Edinburgh office. Like many others, I love to travel and have a particular fascination and love for Asia – the food, the culture, and the many beautiful places to see. The top 10 places to visit on my travel list are all in Asia and I recently crossed Beijing off the list. I had such a great time there, weather was amazing and the temples were spectacular - the only low point of my trip was visiting the Great Wall. Surprising I know! but you see I have an irrational fear of heights and after defying death on the 45min hike up the very narrow, barely there steps to get up to the wall, I just could not appreciate the magnificent views because I was too busy imagining the 1000 different ways I was going to tumble to my death off the side of the wall. Weirdly though, I do enjoy indoor rock climbing – harnesses are my best friend. Anyway, I also love dancing, it’s so much fun and I find it very relaxing. I’ve done ballroom, kizomba, jive, salsa, bachata and am currently learning semba. I will close off this section with some interesting facts:

· I love flower arranging

· I collect crystals (amethyst is my favourite)

· I love reading

· When I get a pet cat or dog I will call them Captain Underpants

About My Work

My first consulting role was working at RBS on the W&G project where I discovered that being a consultant and operating like one was a harder transition than I imagined. It has been a slow and tough learning experience but I feel I am getting the hang of it now and can’t wait for my next challenge.

Before Capco I was at UBS London for 2 years working in the investment banking reg space , specifically FATCA and UK Transaction Reporting. My experience is in the PMO/change area and I did Financial Management at university so I also love a bit of numbers.

At this stage in my career I am interested in trying out different areas in order to figure out what, if anything, I’d like to specialise in. I’m particularly interested in Risk, Architecture and wouldn’t mind learning a programming language or 2.

Bringing It All Together To This Family

Being a part of the Edinburgh office has made my Capco experience very unique and quite amazing. I didn’t know anyone in Scotland when I made the move 6 months ago but the Edinburgh team have become my family. I am humbled by the many people (not just from Edin) who have gone above and beyond to help me, teach me, advise me and make me feel welcome. It reaffirmed the reasons why I joined Capco – people genuinely care about you as a whole person and not just as a work colleague. Thanks guys and as I continue my journey I can’t wait to meet more of you awesome people

Scottish Dictionary Corner

Oot yer tree - drunk.
Scientists finally concluded that the chicken came first, not the egg, because the protein which makes eggs shells is only produced by hens.