Karl Marx

Born on May 5, 1818 in Prussia. Started his education in the university among the Young Hegelians. He latter became a journalist. in 1848, Marx published The Communist Manifesto and in London he wrote the Das Kapital. Marx's father was a christian. The things that Marx published explained things and provided a platform for communist leaders.

Communism Vs. Socialism Vs. Capitalism


  • Allows for super abundance.
  • Production is all common and organized.
  • based off of The communist Manifesto.
  • Everyone is treated the same between genders.
  • International focus.


  • All production is owned by the public.
  • Can coexist with political systems bt limited.
  • No class structure.
  • Production is socially owned.
  • Claims that state "economic and political models are inefficient or incompatible with civil liberties".
  • Friedrich Hayek stated that socialist command could not transmit information about prices and productive quotas, and because of that it could not make rational economic decisions.


  • Not treated equally.
  • Have to work to make a living.
  • Have to rely on the market which can be unpredictable.
  • the work class depends on wages or salaries.
  • the operation of production is greedy and competitive towards each other.
  • Everyone is responsible for them selves.
  • Discrimination is allowed.

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Found in: China, Cuba, North Korea, and Vietnam.