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Updates & family resources from your social worker Clement

New!! Clement's Virtual Office

I've created a virtual interactive office space filled with information, resources and opportunities for support. Just like it would be in the non-virtual world, my office is here for students, families, and staff at MLC. There is also a place to submit a request to check in with me. Take some time to check it out and explore. I will be keeping it up to date and will have a link to it each week in this newsletter and in my email signature.

Warm Winter Coats, Hats, and Gloves.

We have access to some funding to support PPS high school students in need of a new warm winter coat, hat, and gloves. Please reach out to me (, 503-568-2570) if your family would like to be considered for this resource opportunity.

Food Assistance

Do you need assistance with groceries, clothing, or other needs? Please reach out to request a $100 Fred Meyer card from either the MLC PTSA or PPS. Cards will be mailed to you confidentially. Reach out to me if you need this support. (503) 568-2570

$5,000 grants from the NAACP

The NAACP is committed to helping ensure African Americans maintain their wealth and financial security during this unprecedented time of COVID-19. We are partnering with BeyGOOD to provide one hundred grants up to $5,000 each to families who are delinquent in their home mortgage or rental payments. Application deadline is January 21, 2021.

Drop-in Support for Families - Come Chat with us!

Distance learning has placed added stress and challenges on families. The counseling team at MLC would like to offer an optional drop-in space for families to connect, receive support, process and ask questions of the MLC counselors and social workers. There will be 3 different drop-in hours each week in an effort to work with your availability, see the chart below. You don't have to come to the hour that fits your grade level, as we are all on the same team to support you. We will use the same zoom link for each one.

Big picture

Weekly Check-ins for Students with MLC's Restorative Justice Coordinator, Yusuf!

Yusuf Leary has just annouced two open dialogue spaces for students each week:

Every Monday 8:00am-9:00am (Motivational Mondays)

Every Friday 8:00am-9:00am (Finish Strong Fridays)

"Motivational Mondays" - the focus will be on checking in with students prior to the official school week getting started. The goal is to see where students are mentally / emotionally and determining how much extra support a student may need throughout the week. Yusuf will be providing motivational dialogue and lessons on cultural competency / emotional intelligence. We will also learn restorative strategies for deescalation and conflict resolution that students can use to help improve their school / community.

"Finish Strong Fridays" - the focus will be checking in with students after the completion of the school week. What worked for the student that week, what didn't work for the student. To see if their emotional / mental state changed over the course of the week. Identifying which ways our support is helping that student, as well as identifying which resources are no longer needed for that student. We will do a weekly testimony which will allow students to give examples or tell stories of times they deescalated a situation or a time they prevented a situation through the use of restorative practices.


Middle & High School Student Drop-in Support Group - Mondays 3-3:45pm

We understand the unique challenges of this school year and the various ways it is impacting our students, and we want to help as best we can. All students in 7x12 are invited to join Clement (MLC social worker) and Jeanette (MLC 6x12 school counselor) on Mondays from 3-3:45pm to talk about anything that is coming up for you during this challenging time. We believe that it is important to come together as one community and support each other. This is a drop-in space so come in anytime between 3 and 3:45. We hope to see you there, the link is below.

PPS Virtual Calming Room

Life can be overwhelming. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out how to work through difficult times. The Virtual Calming Room was designed to assist students in locating different strategies and tools for managing their emotions.

Community-Based Resource List for Families

Everyone is struggling in some way. You aren’t alone. We care about your wellness. There are people and community organizations who can support you and your family.


About me

Hi! I'm Clement and my focus as a School Social Worker is first and foremost to cultivate and maintain trusting, safe, reliable, and consistent relationships between students, families, teachers, and the whole school community. I believe that people are the experts on their own lives, and my role as a social worker is to support students in uncovering and trusting their inherent and unique knowledge, strengths, gifts, and wisdom. I strive to walk alongside youth as they develop their identity, claim their gifts, and find belonging in their communities. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need support or want to say hi during this difficult time of social distancing and remote learning!