Second Grade News

Week of August 31-September 4

A Note From Miss Marshall

•I will be sending out a missing school supplies list again this week. Please send in missing supplies as soon as possible.

•Please look for a missing form sheet coming home this week. Please send in missing forms as soon as possible.

•We will be starting homework this week. Homework and homework information sheets will be coming home on Monday. Please read the information sheets because there are some homework changes this year.

•Please remember to have your child read every night for twenty minutes. This truly makes a difference! Please let me know if you need any books at home and/or book recommendations.

•Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Hope you have a great week!

Important Dates

October 2- Mobile Dentist

Homework This Week

Homework This Week:

Math Sheet 1.2 Due Friday

Math Sheet 1.3 Due Friday

Reading Log Due Friday

Specials This Week

Monday: Gym

Tuesday: Computer

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Art

Friday: Library & Gym

What's Going On This Week?

Language Arts

Reading: Students have done a great job rebuilding their reading stamina. Last week students read for thirty minutes, completing the following behaviors: staying in one spot, reading the whole time, reading quietly, and getting started right away. We will continue to read everyday to maintain our reading stamina.

Students will also continue to pick “just right” books.

Read to Someone will be reintroduced this week. We will review Read to Someone behaviors, ways to read a book, and how to choose a partner.

We will discuss interesting words we hear during interactive read aloud.

We will also continue to read books that go along with The Rider Way.

We will also continue to discuss structure of a story.

Word Study: We will begin word study this week. A copy of your child’s words will be coming home, along with a list of activities you can complete at home. We will review various sorts from last year. We will also learn new sorts: bump sort and buddy test.

Writing: We will begin our first writing workshop unit on small moments. Mini-lessons this week will focus on generating ideas for writing, capturing story ideas, stretching out small moments, writing with details, and revising.

Common Core Learning Targets

RL.2.5: I can recognize that a story has a beginning, middle, and end; I can describe how the events at the end of a story let me know what happened to the characters.

RL.2.10: I can recognize when the text I am reading it too easy or too difficult for me.

RF.2.3: I can identify the most common short and long vowel patterns; I can identify words with similar patterns that create different sounds.

W.2.3: I can place story events in the correct order; I can write my own story with events placed in the correct order; I can describe actions, thoughts, and feelings in my story; I can create an ending for my story.

W.2.5: I can revise my writing with the help of others.

L.2.6: I can discover new words and phrase through reading, listening, and conversation.


Lessons this week will focus on working with two digits on a number line, comparing two digits on a number line, comparing and ordering two digits, exploring properties of odd and even, and solving number puzzles on a hundred chart.

Common Core Learning Targets

2.MD.6: I can represent whole numbers on a number line.

2.NBT.4: I can determine when a three digit number is greater than, less than, or equal to another three-digit number, and record the comparison using the symbols <, >, and =.

2.OA.3: I can identify a group of objects as being even or odd using different strategies.

Social Studies

We will continue to discuss The Rider Way. We will discuss making responsible choices. We will complete a few group activities, where students will demonstrate cooperation in group settings.

Common Core Learning Targets

I can be respectful towards others.

I can demonstrate cooperation in a group setting by managing conflict peacefully, showing courtesy toward others in the group, being flexible, and respecting others’ ideas and suggestions.

I can make responsible choices throughout my day.

I can take responsibility for the choices I make.